DSCPP Entry Requirements:

• Demonstrate leadership ability and potential, character, and ability to perform in stressful situations.

• Be physically fit and meet Army weight and body fat standards.

• Be able to pass the Army Physical Fitness Test.

• Have no incidents of abuse.

• Have no speech impediment.

• Be a high school graduate.

• Display good military bearing.

• Have no court-martial convictions.

• Have no record of disciplinary action, to include letters of reprimand, in the last five years.

• Have a GT score of 90 per MILPER MSG 21-260, July 20, 2021, GT score of 85-89 may be waived on a case-by-case basis,

• Qualify on an M16A2 or M4 within the last year.

• Drill Sergeant candidates must hold the rank of E-4 through E-7.


• E-4s must have at least three years time in service to become a Drill Sergeant Candidate and four years time in service to attend the Drill Sergeant Academy.

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Qualified Applicants


Qualified applicants will perform the following upon request:

- Submit a DA705 with a passing score (within the last six months)

- Submit a record AWQ (within the last year)

-Submit notification from current unit of Battle Assembly good standing

-RST 1 Battle Assembly for diagnostic APFT, H/W, and Interview with the command team

-Once accepted, transferring soldiers will be given a DA 4651 to be signed by their current commander to begin the transfer process.