98th Division Recruiting Challenge


Recruiting Challenge Participant Form

Application Due: 20 JAN 21

Challenge Begins: 01 FEB 21

Challenge Ends: 30 SEP 21

Purpose: The CG and CSM Recruiting Challenge is a yearly recruiting competition designed to motivate DS units, assigned to the 98th Division, to play a pivotal role in prospecting, screening, and recruiting Ready Soldiers to become Drill Sergeant Candidates.

How to Participate:

1. Commanders and 1SGs will identify at least 2 soldiers to represent their company for the current FY. Units have an option to elect more recruiters.

2. Commanders submit the "Recruiting Challenge Participant Form" (click on PDF) to the Division Career Counselor.

3. Recruiting Representatives may recruit soldiers in the ranks of E5-E7 for competition credit. 


4. Recruiting Representatives will have potential recruits complete the electronic "98th Division Recruiting Lead Form" located on this website under the Recruiting and Retention tab for competition credit.

5. Units will receive full credit for leads that transfer into a Drill Sergeant Position as a Drill Sergeant Candidate.


98th GOLD CLUB (10 Candidates)- ARCOM for each Recruiter, 98th DIV Coin for each Recruiter, Letter from the Commanding General, Unit Plaque, Recognition at CG monthly meetings

98th SILVER CLUB (6-9 Candidates)- AAM for each Recruiter, Letter from the Commanding General, Recognition at CG monthly meetings

98th BRONZE CLUB (5 Candidates)- COA for each Recruiter, Recognition at CG monthly meetings

HONORABLE MENTION (1-4 Candidates)- Recognition at CG monthly meetings