1. Please have the most updated USDSA uniform and supply list available when ordering to ensure accuracy.

2. Uniforms for Soldiers will be ordered as part of the SM's initial in-processing with or sent to the S4.  Therefore, the selected school date should be selected according to the 98th Division DSCP SOP (6 months out).


3. If Soldier waits until the last minute the Supply SGT may request to have the order expedited but there is NO guarantee uniforms or equipment will arrive prior to the SM's school date.


4. All Soldiers should have a complete issue of equipment in CIF. If the SM does not have an item that is listed on their CIF system clothing record, the item will be ordered.


5. First Line supervisors will conduct a showdown, (100% inspection of equipment) annually and prior to submitting orders, with SMs to ensure they have all required gear.


6. If upon inspection items that were issued are found to be missing,  a FLIPL will be initiated in CIF by the Supply SGT. The CDR will determine if the Soldier be held  liable or not liable based on the circumstances leading up to the loss.


7. Uniforms and OCIE may be ordered using the order forms listed below.


USADSA Packing List 

FEB 2020

98th DIV OCIE Request form

98th DIV OCP Request form

98th DIV APFU Request form