Enlisted Affiliation Bonus. 

Active Duty to Reserves:

This bonus is for Solders that come into the Reserves from Active Duty or are in an IRR status from Active Duty. To be eligible the Soldier must:

-Be fully retainable on AD and chose to come into the USAR or out the IRR into the USAR. 

-If the Soldier is DMOSQ they could be eligible for a $20,000 bonus for a 4 year commitment provided they meet all eligibility requirements. 

-If the Soldier is NDMOSQ they could be eligible for $15,000 for a 4 year commitment provided they meet all eligibility requirements.  

-Once the  Drill Sergeant X identifier has been awarded and updated in the system Soldiers are eligible to submit the bonus. 

-The bonus contract is executed by either the RCCC at the Active Duty post the Soldier REFRADs from or from the Career Counselor that pulls the Soldier from the IRR.

Reserves and National Guard:

Soldiers that were members of the Army Reserves or National Guard and are currently in a IRR status may be eligible for the Enlisted Affiliation Bonus. The Soldier must meet specific MOS and other eligibility criteria.  

98th Division Career Counselor:

MSG Ethyl F. Tate

10489 Old Cusseta Hwy Ft. Benning, GA

Office: 706-626-3160

Email: ethyl.f.tate.mil@mail.mil


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