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DTS Training Instructions

APRIL 2020

DTS Instructions  for USADSA Attendance

1. DTS must be submitted and approved prior to travel. 98th Division Soldiers are NOT authorized to travel without approved DTS and orders in hand. The initial unsigned orders are required to be uploaded into DTS for travel approval.

2. If a DSC's  Home of Record (HOR) is over 400 miles away from the USADSA the DSC is required to complete the CTW form and upload it into DTS.


3. If a DSC's HOR is over 400 miles away the soldier  must upload a screenshot of SATO flights into DTS.

4. The Line of Accounting  (LOA) for travel to USADSA is 61 along with the corresponding fiscal year. If you are unable to see the LOA, contact your DSC Manager so the 108th may be notified to add it to your DTS profile. 

5. All DTS submissions should be routed to TC G3.

6. Rental cars are not authorized.

7. All lodging amounts should be changed to $0.00.

8. Full perdiem is authorized on the travel days (2 days only). DTS will automatically set full perdiem on travel day.  All other days perdiem should be manually changed to $5.00.

9. The unsigned copy of the DSC's orders must be uploaded into DTS for authorization.

10. Upon return the DSC has 5 DAYS to upload a signed copy of their orders, any pertinent receipts, and complete DTS for payment. 

11. Failure to submit DTS in the time authorized will result in non-payment for travel. Your DTS will be zeroed out to pay $0.01 for travel. 

12. All soldiers are required to complete DTS training every 3 years. Print and send certificates to your DTS Manager.