DS Packet Checklist
Begin building the USADSA packet by utilizing this checklist. This checklist will assist with ensuring all necessary components for the school packet are complete to standard to include forms not listed on this page.

DS Packet School Counseling

This counseling details the expectations for USADSA attendance and performance. 


This memo is used in the event a DSC missing an OCIE item listed on the USADSA packing list. This form will assist the DSC with receiving the missing item while attending the USADSA.

Medical Waiver Memo

This memo is required for any DSC that is over 40 years of age or for any DSC requesting a PULHES waiver.

GT Score and Type II Waiver Memo

This memo is required to request waivers of GT scores from 95-99 and certain Type II waivers for USADSA attendance.

DA 7424

This form is used to determine the DSC's eligibility to perform in a sensitive duty assignment.

DA 2870 Disclosure Medical/Dental

This form is used for authorization for release of information for medical and dental information.

Disclosure of Unfavorable Information Memo

This 108th Command form is used to confirm the DSC's ability to perform in a position of trust.

DA 705

This form is used to record the DSC's APFT 

DA 5500

This form is used to record the Male DSC's body fat composition

DA 5501

This form is used to record the Female DSC's body fat composition

DA 5790 Weapons Card

This form is used for recording weapons qualification.


This form is used for those soldiers that have allergies to insect bites.

This form must be completed by the soldier and doctor. The soldier must also have allergy tags, and epipen (if required) for school attendance.

USADSA Commander's Checklist

This form is used as the USADSA final checklist for school attendance.

Example Packet

This example packet is provided to demonstrate the components of a complete packet.

DSA Welcome Letter

DSA Welcome letter as of Sep 2019.

***USADSA DS packet requirements will change from time to time please refer to DSPAS or your DSC Manager for the most recent updates