The 98th Division will utilize the DS PASS Packet Tracker system for all DS packets beginning FY20. No other form of packet submission is authorized. Please review the information below for proper use of the DS PASS system:

1. DPT is a CAC required routing system.  The 98th Divsion will archive all completed packets that have been forwarded to the 108th Command. Permission for DS PASS access is granted by the DSC Manager at the 98th Division. Access will be granted to key personnel and leadership only, for PII protection purposes. 

2. DSC Packets  will be generated at the company level and placed in DS PASS at the Battalion Level.

3. DSC Packets will be labeled in DS PASS as follows:

      Last Name, First Name, Battalion

Click on DSCs BN to add a new packet to the system.

4. DSC Packets will be uploaded into the designated Battalion file.

5. DSC Packets will be listed by organization at the Battalion level

6. DSC Packets can be viewed by the DSC Managers  and Command teams at the CO, BN, BDE, and Division levels.

7. DSC Packets processing will begin during the DSC first BA.

8. DSC Packets MUST be complete 30 DAYS prior to the start date or the DSC will be enrolled in the next class.

9. Any issue requiring action will have a 72 hour time limit to resolve the issue. DS PASS will be checked by DSC Managers on a continual basis for accurate processing. 

10. The DS Status Tab will be utilized by the Division DSC Manager only.


Click here to access the DPT system


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