1. This program is UP or OUT.  Either the DSC becomes a Drill          Sergeant or they are processed out of the DSC position and  unit.


2. Soldiers who apply and are accepted into a Drill Sergeant        position must be continually evaluated and be assigned to a class in the USADSA within 6 months;


3. DSCs that demonstrate the inability or unwillingness to attend the USADSA within 6 months will be removed from the course and removed from DSC position and unit.

4. Soldiers who are promoted into a Drill Sergeant position must successfully complete the USADSA within 6 months to meet the conditions of the promotion. If the promoted DSC is recycled the DSC must complete USADSA within 10 months of the promotion order requirement.


5. DSCPP is designed to be executed over 6 months with the correlated 2 day Battle Assembly.  Units that miss a BA or combine BAs into a single month will adjust the DSC training schedule to complete the standardized 98th Division’s program training. 

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98th Division DSCPP SOP

(as of 01 OCT 20)